Sunday, January 17, 2010


11. The American Astronaut (2001) ...Dir. Cory McAbee--Criminally underseen. Make your world a better place; watch it tonight.
12. Caché (2005) ...Dir. Michael Haneke
13. Amélie (2001) ...Dir. Jean-Pierre Jeunet
14. Lake of Fire (2007) ...Dir. Tony Kaye--Ever seen a documentary which caused you to seriously reexamine a belief you had previously considered unassailable? I have. It's called Lake of Fire.
15. Flight of the Red Balloon (2008) ...Dir. Hou Hsiao Hsien--Absolutely, without a doubt, the most beautiful film of the decade.
16. El Aura (2006) ...Dir. Fabián Bielinsky--Bielinsky died not long after making this, his second feature film. We're all lucky he made two great movies while he could.
17. Ghost Dog: the Way of the Samurai (2000) ...Dir. Jim Jarmusch
18. Hunger (2008) ...Dir. Steve McQueen--Yes, it tops my Best of 2009 list, but was apparently released in the US in 2008. Can't follow my own rules all the time, can I?
19. City of God (2003) ...Dir. Fernando Meirelles
20. The Diving Bell and the Butterfly (2007) ...Dir. Julian Schnabel
21. WALL-E (2008) ...Dir. Andrew Stanton
22. Shotgun Stories (2007) ...Dir. Jeff Nichols--Being a man in America can be a lot more difficult than you might imagine. [Michael Shannon is an incredible actor, by the way.]
23. Downfall (2005) ...Dir. Oliver Hirschbiegel--Hitler was a human being. And that's a rather terrifying thing to face.
24. Why We Fight (2006) ...Dir. Eugene Jarecki--Find out why the US will never stop fighting wars.
25. Wet Hot American Summer (2001) ...Dir. David Wain--"I want you inside me."

Top Ten coming soon. Promise.

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